Metaphysical considerations on animal ethics


Μη τα πελωρια μετρα γαιης υπο σην φρενα βαλλου*

Ου γαρ αληθειης φυτον ενι χθονι

Direct not your attention to the immense measures of the earth; for the plant of truth is not in the Earth

 Πατηρ ου φοβον ενθρωσκει, πειθω δ επιχεει.

 The father did not hurl forth fear, but infused persuasion

The Chaldean Oracles

So many philosophers have contributed to enhance the study of animal ethics, but I will argue in this article that it does exist some questions that must be answered. The most important thing to me is that these thinkers don’t take on account the totality of things envolved, in another word, they ignore the whole world and the universe in which humans and animals live together. Without this, we hardly would get some answers why animal ethics does matter. [Read more…]